The United States Navy (USN) is the branch of the United States armed forces responsible for conducting naval operations and is one of seven uniformed services. The Navy is administratively managed by the Department of the Navy, which is headed by the civilian Secretary of the Navy. The Department of the Navy is, itself, a division of the Department of Defense, which is headed by the Secretary of Defense. The Department of the Navy also manages the US Marines and Coast Guard. The highest ranking Naval officer is the Chief of Naval Operations.

Seal of the United States Navy


The US Navy falls under the Department of the Navy. The US Navy's senior civilian official is the Secretary of the Navy, and its most senior military officer is the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), who is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. CNO is directly responsible to the Secretary of the Navy, who is in turn responsible to the Secretary of Defense. The US Navy has nine operating forces:

  • United States Atlantic Fleet
    • United States Second Fleet
  • United States Pacific Fleet
    • United States Third Fleet
    • United States Seventh Fleet
  • United States Naval Forces Europe
    • United States Sixth Fleet
  • United States Naval Forces Central Command
    • United States Fifth Fleet
  • United States Naval Forces Southern Command
  • United States Naval Network Warfare Command
  • United States Navy Reserve
  • United States Naval Special Warfare Command
  • United States Naval Operational Test and Evaluation Forces
  • Military Sealift Command


Aircraft CarriersEdit

  • 1 Gerald R. Ford class Aircraft Carrier (building)
  • 10 Nimitz class Aircraft Carriers (CVN)
  • 1 Enterprise class Aircraft Carrier (CVN)
  • 3 Kitty Hawk-class Aircraft Carrier (CV)
  • 1 Forrestal-class Training Aircraft Carrier (AVT)
800px-CVN-78 aircraft carrier conceptual rendering

Artist's impression of the USS Gerald R. Ford

USS Truman

USS Harry S. Truman, a Nimitz class aircraft carrier

300px-USS Nimitz in Victoria Canada 036

USS Nimitz


USS John C. Stennis executing a high speed turn. Stennis is a Nimitz class carrier

USS CVN-65 Enterprise on Atlantic Ocean

USS Enterprise in the Atlantic Ocean

300px-USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

USS Enterprise

750px-970414-N-0789S-003 USS Constellation (CV 64) underway

USS Constellation, a Kitty Hawk class carrier

800px-USS John F Kennedy (CV 67) stern view 1982

USS John F. Kennedy during the early 1980s


USS Forrestal with a GV-1 Hercules on deck. At the time, Forrestal was an operational carrier. Today she operates THs, TD-9s, and T2Js from Pensacola, Florida


  • 4 Iowa class Battleships (BB)
USS Iowa BB61

USS Iowa (BB-61)

762px-New Jersey Shoots

USS New Jersey (BB-62)

800px-Missouri post refit

USS Missouri (BB-63)

480px-Uss wisconsin bb

USS Wisconsin (BB-64)


  • 28 Ticongeroga class Guided Missile Cruisers (CG)
  • 4 Virginia class Nuclear Guided Missile Cruisers (CGN)
800px-USS Lake Champlain (CG-57)

USS Lake Champlain prominently showing its VLS

300px-Ticondergoa cruiser Port Royal

USS Port Royal, a Ticonderoga class Guided Missile Cruiser

800px-USS Ticonderoga CG-47

USS Ticonderoga. Unlike the previous ships it is armed with the Mark 26 missile launcher

750px-USS Virginia (CGN-38) elevated starboard view

The USS Virginia. This shot gives a particularly good view of the Virginia's armament.

398px-USS Mississippi (CGN-40) fires a tomahawk during Desert Storm

The Virginia's have a land attack capability with Tomahawk missiles. This is the USS Mississippi.

USS Mississippi (CGN-40)

USS Mississippi underway


  • 57 Arleigh Burke class Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG)
  • 16 Spruance class Destroyers (DD)
USS Arleigh Burke

USS Arleigh Burke. This Flight I destroyer has no helicopter hangars.

USS Sampson

USS Sampson


USS Winston S. Churchill, a Flight IIA Arleigh Burke class Guided Missile Destroyer

749px-USS Momsen (DDG 92) stbd bow view

USS Momsen. She has a holding bay for the Remote Minehunting System. Her torpedo tubes are mounted on the aft missile deck.


USS Spruance

792px-USS David R. Ray DD-971

The Mark 41 VLS gives the Spruance class destroyers great land attack capability

790px-USS John Rodgers DD-983

The Armoured Box Launcher was the previous Tomahawk launcher on the Spruance class destroyers

SH-60B USS McInerney (FFG 8)

Spruance class destroyers are primarily used for ASW. In addition to ASROC and a powerful Sonar, they carry two HS2S-1 or HS2S-3 Seahawk helicopters


  • 51 Oliver Hazard Perry class Guided Missile Frigates (FFG)
300px-USS Oliver Hazard Perry FFG-7

USS Oliver Hazard Perry, the lead-ship of her class of general purpose escorts.

800px-US Navy SH-60B Seahawk USS Stephen W. Groves

The ability to carry two HS2S-1 Seahawks gives the Perry class a potent ASW capability.

800px-USS Rentz FFG-46

USS Rentz. The Perry class ships have ASuW, AAW, and ASW capabilities.

HMAS Newcastle (FFG 06)

In addition to their use with the US Navy, the Perry class are popular export ships. This is HMAS Newcastle, of the Royal Australasian Navy

Fleet Ballistic Missile SubmarinesEdit

  • 18 Ohio class Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN)
USS Maryland (SSBN-738)

USS Maryland, an Ohio class SSBN and one of the most lethal instruments ever invented

497px-Trident II missile image

UGM-133 Trident missile, the primary armament of the Ohio class submarines, capable of carrying up to 12 thermonuclear warheads

USS Alabama (SSBN-731) en pruebas

USS Alabama, a sister boat to the Maryland

Attack SubmarinesEdit

  • 7 Shark class Attack Submarines (SSN)
  • 4 Seawolf class Attack Submarines (SSN)
  • 46 Los Angeles class Attack Submarines (SSN)
  • 4 Ohio class Guided Missile Submarines (SSGN)
USS Virginia (SSN 774)

USS Shark, one of the newest nuclear attack submarines of the USN


A Seawolf class nuclear attack submarine

USS Atlanta (SSN-712)2

USS Atlanta, a Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine

220px-Ohio-class submarine launches Trident ICBMs (artist concept)

An artist's impression of an Ohio class SSGN launching Tomahawk missiles

Amphibious ShipsEdit

  • 7 Wasp class Amphibious Assault Ships (LHD)
  • 5 Tarawa class Amphibious Assault Ships (LHA)
  • 5 San Antonio class Amphibious Transport Docks (LPD)
  • 3 Raleigh class Amphibious Transport Docks (LPD)
  • 8 Austin class Amphibious Transport Docks (LPD)
  • 5 Harpers Ferry class Dock Landing Ships (LSD)
  • 8 Whidbey Island class Dock Landing Ships (LSD)
  • 20 Newport class Tank Landing Ships (LST)
300px-USS Wasp (LHD 1)

USS Wasp, an Amphibious Assault Ship

300px-USS Saipan LHA-2 amphibious assault ship

USS Saipan, a Tarawa class Amphibious Assault Ship

300px-LPD-17 Class

USS San Antonio, a new Amphibious Transport Dock, and a key element in the US Marine Corps' strategy for the 21st century


USS Vancouver, a Raleigh class Amphibious Transport Dock, named for Vancouver, Washington, not Vancouver, British Columbia

USS Cleveland (LPD 7)

USS Cleveland, an Austin class amphibious transport dock. Her stern is flooded to allow use of the well deck for landing craft and Amphibious Assault Vehicles

USS Carter Hall (LSD 50)jpg

USS Carter Hall, a Harpers Ferry class dock landing ship

USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43)

USS Fort McHenry (LSD-43), a Whidbey Island class dock landing ship


A Newport class Tank Landing Ship

Mine countermeasures shipEdit

  • 1 Iwo Jima class Mine Countermeasures Command and Support Ship (MCS)
  • 14 Avenger class Mine Countermeasures Ships (MCM)
  • 12 Osprey class Coastal Minehunters (MHC)

USS Inchon. It is intended to carry anti-mine helicopters, and command and coordinate smaller mine countermeasures ships

300px-USS Avenger MCM-1

USS Avenger

300px-USS Raven MHC 61 Persian Gulf

USS Raven, an Osprey class Coastal Minehunter

Patrol boatEdit

  • 14 Cyclone class Patrol Ships (PC)
300px-USS Cyclone (PC 1)

USS Cyclone, the US Navy does not make extensive use of patrol craft. These are of more interest to the US Coast Guard.


  • 4 Supply class Fast Combat Support Ships (AOE)
  • 4 Sacramento class Fast Combat Support Ships (AOE)
  • 18 Henry J. Kaiser class Oilers (AO)
  • 8 Kilauea class Ammunition Ships (AE)

USS Rainer, a Supple class Fast class Combat Support Ship

300px-USS Camden AOE-2

USS Camden, a Sacramento Fast class Combat Support Ship

300px-USNS Big Horn T-AO-198

USS Big Horn, a Henry J. Kaiser class Oiler. The first nine are named for American ship builders, inventors, naval architects, and aeronautical engineers. The remainder are named for rivers.

300px-USS Mount Hood (AE-29)

USS Mount Hood, a Kilauea class Ammunition Ship

USS ConstitutionEdit

USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat. She is a three-masted heavy frigate launched and commissioned in 1797.

780px-USS Constitution 1997

USS Constitution sailing on her 200th birthday

USS Constitution vs Guerriere

USS Constitution's battle with HMS Guerriere in the War of 1812

800px-USS Constitution Sail200d

USS Constitution on her 200th birthday, with the Blue Angels, USS Halyburton, and USS Ramage


Carrier Air WingEdit

A Carrier Air Wing is the primary naval aviation deployment organisation. It consists of strike aircraft, fighters, early warning and anti-submarine aircraft and maritime helicopters. Frequently, the carrier air wing consists not only of aircraft embarked on the carrier, but also aircraft embarked on the other ships of the group.

  • 2 Squadrons of F13F Tomcats (VF) (24 aircraft)
  • 2 Squadrons of F5H Wraiths (VFA) (24 aircraft)
  • 1 Squadron of A2F-4 Intruders (VA) (12 aircraft plus 4 GF-4)
  • 1 Squadron of A2F-3Q Prowlers (VAQ) (4 aircraft)
  • 1 Squadron of SV-2 Vikings (VS) (10 aircraft plus 2 SV-1Q)
  • 1 Squadron of W2F-3 Hawkeyes (VAW) (4 aircraft)
  • 1 Squadron of HS2S-2 Oceanhawks/HS2S-2H Rescue Hawk (HS) (6 aircraft)


  • 2 Squadrons of F2V Shrikes (VFA) (24 aircraft)
  • 3 Squadrons of F5H-3/4 Super Wraiths (VFA) (36 aircraft)
  • 1 Squadron of F5H-4Q Growlers (VAQ) (4 aircraft)
  • 1 Squadron of SV-2 Vikings (VS) (10 aircraft plus 2 SV-1Q)
  • 1 Squadron of W2F-4 Hawkeyes (VAW) (4 aircraft)
  • 1 Squadron of HS2S-3 Seahawks (HS) (6 aircraft plus HS2S-3 Seahawks on escorts)

Carrier AircraftEdit

  • Lockheed Martin F2V Shrike
  • Grumman F-13F-1/2/4 Tomcat
  • Grumman A2F-4 Intruder
  • McDonnell Douglas F5H-3/4 Super Wraith
  • McDonnell Douglas F5H-2/F5H-2T Wraith
  • McDonnell Douglas F5H-4Q Growler
  • Grumman A2F-3Q Prowler
  • Lockheed SV-2 Viking
  • Lockheed SV-1Q Shadow
  • Northrop-Grumman W2F-4 Advanced Hawkeye
  • Northrop-Grumman W2F-3 Hawkeye
  • Grumman GF-4 Intruder
  • Grumman T2F Greyhound
  • Sikorsky HS2S-3 Seahawk
  • Sikorsky HS2S-2 Oceanhawk
  • Sikorsky HS2S-2H Rescue Hawk

F2V-1 Shrike illustrating its multi-role capability (artist's impression)

800px-F-18E landing 06-10304cr

F5H-3 Super Wraith armed with JDAMs launching


Grumman F13F Tomcat

220px-A-6E Intruder over Spain in Operation Matador

The venerable Grumman A2F Intruder


McDonnell Douglas F5H Wraith

800px-Growler with alq-99

The new F5H-4Q Growler with 3 ALQ-99 jamming pods


Grumman A2F-3Q Prowler support jamming aircraft

300px-Viking S-3B

Lockheed SV-2 Viking anti-submarine aircraft

220px-ES-3A Shadow

The mysterious SV-1Q Shadow ELINT aircraft

300px-E-2C Hawkeye Bear Aces

The Grumman W2F Hawkeye, the eyes of the fleet

220px-KA-6 F-14 DN-ST-87-10386

Grumman GF-4 refuelling an F13F

300px-C-2A DN-SC-89-09037

T2F Greyhound, the US Navy's Carrier Onboard Delivery aircraft


The HS2S-3 Seahawk, intended to replace both the HS2S-1 (below), and the HS2S-2


HS2S-2 Oceanhawk, the dedicated carrier version of the HS2S Seahawk

220px-SH-60 Seahawk

HS2S-2H Rescue Hawk, used for anti-surface warfare, SAR, CSAR, and SEAL support

Surface Fleet AircraftEdit

  • Sikorsky HS2S-3 Seahawk
  • Sikorsky HU3S-3 Knighthawk
  • Sikorsky HR4S-3M Sea Dragon
  • Sikorsky HS2S-2H Rescue Hawk
  • Sikorsky HS2S-2 Ocean Hawk
  • Sikorsky HS2S-1 Seahawk
  • Kaman HSK-5 Super Seasprite
  • Boeing HRB-3 Sea Knight

The HS2S-3 Seahawk, a multi-role maritime strike helicopter

220px-MH-60S Sea Hawk

Sikorsky HU3S-3 Knighthawk, the US Navy's new VERTREP helicopter

398px-CH-53 minesweeping

HR4S-3M Sea Dragon, an anti-mine helicopter

220px-SH-60B Seahawk

HS2S-1 Seahawk, the US Navy's standard helicopter for surface warships

Kaman Sh-2G

The Super Seasprite still serves in small numbers, to provide aircraft to the first 7 Perry class Frigates

CH-46 Sea Knight

A HRB-3 Sea Knight, a rotary wing counterpart to the T2F

Patrol/Electronic Warfare/Command AircraftEdit

  • Boeing P3B-1 Poseidon
  • Lockheed P3V-3 Orion
    • Lockheed P3V-3Q Aries II
  • Boeing EB-2 Mercury
800px-US Navy 090605-O-0000X-001 A Boeing P-8A Poseidon test conducts a test flight June 5, 2009

Boeing P3B Poseidon, the replacement for the P3V Orion


Lockheed P3V-3 Orion, the US Navy's standard patrol aircraft for over 48 years

220px-EP-3E DN-SD-07-09322

P3V-3Q Aries II, an electronic intelligence aircraft

300px-US Navy E-6 Mercury

EB-2 Mercury, the Navy equivalent to the US Air Force's EC-135 "Looking Glass"

Transport AircraftEdit

  • Lockheed R8V-4 Hercules
    • Lockheed R8V-4J Hercules (Polar transport)
    • Lockheed R8V-1E Hercules (Drone controller)
  • Boeing RB-1 Clipper
  • McDonnell Douglas R7D-1 Skytrain II
  • Gulfstream RG-1 Gulfstream III
  • Beech RR-1 Huron
800px-U.S. Marine Corps KC-130

US Marine Corps GV Hercules

990217-N-0000M-001 screen

R8V-4J Hercules polar transport, often seen in the Antarctic

800px-DC-130A VX-30 over Point Mugu 2004

R8V-1E Hercules drone controller

C-40A Clipper

Boeing RB-1 Clipper II, a fleet support and logistics aircraft

C-9 Skytrain

R7D-1 Skytrain II logistics aircraft


US Navy RG-1 Gulfstream

C-12 Huron

RR-1 Huron


  • Beech TB-1 Turbo Mentor
  • Raytheon T2R-1 Texan II
  • Rockwell T2J-3 Buckeye
  • Bell HT2L-1 SeaRanger
  • Rockwell T3J Sabreliner
  • Beech TR-1 Pegasus
  • McDonnell Douglas/BAe TH-3 Goshawk
  • McDonnell Douglas A4D-8 Skyhawk (Aggressor)
    • McDonnell Douglas TD-9 Skyhawk
  • Northrop F3T-1 Tiger II (Aggressor)
  • General Dynamics F4Y-1/2 Fighting Falcon (Aggressor)
  • McDonnell Douglas F5H-1/1T (Aggressor)
T-34C Turbo Mentor

TB-1 Turbo Mentor, to be replaced by the Texan II


Raytheon T2R-1 Texan II, named for the legendary wartime North American SNJ

800px-TH57C boat ops

The HT2L-1 SeaRanger, a slightly militarised Bell 206 used as a trainer

800px-T-45 Goshawk(080309-N-7571S-005)

McDonnell Douglas TH-3 Goshawk, a rare example of the US purchasing a foreign military aircraft

220px-A-4Fs VFC-13 1993

A4D-8 Skyhawk aggressor, normally used to simulate a subsonic fighter

220px-TA-4J AVT-16 1989

TD-9 Skyhawk carrier trainers

T39 mainlarge cnatra navy

T3J Sabreliner, a navigation and rader trainer

T 44 4LR

TR-1 Pegasus multi-engine pilot trainer

F-5N from VFC-111 Sundowners taxiing

F3T Tiger II aggressor, used to simulate aircraft like the MiG-21 and MiG-23


F4Ys used as aggressors

800px-F-18B VFC-12 CVN-76 2005

F5H-1T aggressor executing a carrier landing

Special OperationsEdit

  • Naval Special Warfare Group ONE (Pacific Fleet)
    • SEAL Team ONE
    • SEAL Team THREE
    • SEAL Team FIVE
    • SEAL Team SEVEN
  • Naval Special Warfare Group TWO (Atlantic Fleet)
    • SEAL Team TWO
    • SEAL Team FOUR
    • SEAL Team EIGHT
    • SEAL Team TEN
  • Naval Special Warfare Group THREE
    • SDV Team ONE
    • SDV Team TWO
  • Naval Special Warfare Group FOUR

Special Boat Teams TWELVE Special Boat Teams TWENTY Special Boat Teams TWENTY-TWO

  • Naval Special Warfare Logistics Support Group ONE/TWO: Consisting of all Combat Service Support;
  • Naval Special Warfare Support Activity ONE/TWO: Consisting of all intelligence collection (HUMINT/SIGINT), cryptological support as well as linguist, canine teams and environmental assessment teams.
  • United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group

Military Sealift CommandEdit

  • 27 Sealift Ships
  • 35 Prepositioning Ships
  • 19 Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force Ships

Naval Weapon SystemsEdit


  • 16"/50 Mark 7 triple gun turret
  • 5"/38 Mark 12 twin gun turret
  • 5"/62 Mark 45 gun
  • 5"/54 Mark 45 gun
  • 76 mm/62 Mark 75 gun
  • 40 mm Mark 19 Grenade MG
  • 30 mm Bushmaster II Mark 44 cannon
  • 25 mm Mark 38 MGS cannon
  • 20 mm Phalanx cannon
  • 20 mm Mark 16 cannon
  • 0.50"/72 GAU-21 Machine Gun
  • 0.50"/70 GAU-19/A Machine Gun
  • 0.50" BMG M2 GAU-16 Machine Gun
  • 0.30" Mk 25 Minigun

Surface to Surface/Subsurface MissilesEdit

  • RUR-5 Asroc
  • RGM-84 Harpoon
  • RGM-109 Tomahawk
  • RUM-139 VL-Asroc

Surface to Air MissilesEdit

  • FIM-92 Stinger (hand-held)
  • RIM-7 Sea Sparrow
  • RIM-66 Standard MR
  • RIM-67 Standard ER
  • RIM-116 RAM
  • RIM-156 Standard SM-2ER Block IV
  • RIM-161 Standard SM-3
  • RIM-162 ESSM
  • RIM-174 ERAM (SM-6)

Subsurface to Surface MissilesEdit

  • UGM-84 Harpoon
  • UGM-109 Tomahawk
  • UGM-133 Trident II


  • Mark 46 torpedo
  • Mark 48 ADCAP torpedo
  • Mark 50 Barracuda torpedo
  • Mark 54 “MAKO” Lightweight Torpedo


  • Mark 60 CAPTOR Mine
  • Mark 67 Submarine Launched Mobile Mine (SLMM)
  • ISLMM (Improved Submarine Launched Mobile Mine)

Aerial WeaponsEdit


  • GAU-22 Equaliser 25mm Cannon
  • GAU-12 Equaliser 25mm Cannon
  • M61 Vulcan 20mm Cannon
  • GAU-15/A .50 Cal Machine Gun
  • GAU-16/A .50 Cal Machine Gun
  • GAU-21/A .50 Cal Machine Gun
  • GAU-2B/A 7.62mm Minigun
  • M240D/H 7.62mm Machine Gun
  • M60D 7.62mm Machine Gun

Air to Air MissilesEdit

  • AIM-7 Sparrow
  • AIM-9 Sidewinder
  • AIM-120 AMRAAM
  • AIM-54 Phoenix

Air to Suface MissilesEdit

  • AGM-62 Walleye
  • AGM-65 Maverick
  • AGM-84 Harpoon
    • AGM-84E SLAM
    • AGM-84H SLAM-ER
  • AGM-88 HARM
  • AGM-109 Tomahawk
  • AGM-114 Hellfire
  • AGM-119 Penguin
  • AGM-123 Skipper II
  • AGM-130
  • AGM-154 JSOW
  • AGM-158 JASSM

Unguided BombsEdit

  • Mk 81 250-lb General Purpose Bomb
  • Mk 82 500-lb General Purpose Bomb
  • Mk 83 1000-lb General Purpose Bomb
  • Mk 84 2000-lb General Purpose Bomb
  • M129E1/E2 Psychological Operations Leaflet Bomb
  • Mk 77 750-lb Fire Bomb

Guided BombsEdit

  • GBU-39 250lb Small Diameter Bomb
  • Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)
    • GBU-29 250lb JDAM
    • GBU-32 1000lb JDAM
    • GBU-31 2000lb JDAM
    • GBU-38 500lb JDAM
  • Paveway II
    • GBU-12 Paveway II 500lb Laser Guided Bomb
    • GBU-16/B Paveway II 1000lb Laser Guided Bomb
    • GBU-10 Paveway II 2000lb Laser Guided Bomb
  • Paveway III
    • GBU-22 Paveway III 500lb Laser Guided Bomb
    • GBU-23/B Paveway III 1000lb Laser Guided Bomb
    • GBU-24 Paveway III 2000lb Laser Guided Bomb
    • GBU-27 Paveway III 2000lb Penetrating Laser Guided Bomb
    • GBU-28 Paveway III 4500lb Penetrating Laser Guided Bomb
  • Enhanced Paveway III
    • EGBU-22 Paveway III 500lb Laser/GPS/INS Guided Bomb
    • EGBU-23/B Paveway III 1000lb Laser/GPS/INS Guided Bomb
    • EGBU-24 Paveway III 2000lb Laser/GPS/INS Guided Bomb
    • EGBU-27 Paveway III 2000lb Penetrating Laser/GPS/INS Guided Bomb
    • EGBU-28 Paveway III 4500lb Penetrating Laser/GPS/INS Guided Bomb


  • Mark 56 Mine
  • Mk 36 500lb Destructor Mine
  • Mk 40 1000lb Destructor Mine
  • Mk 41 2000lb Destructor Mine
  • Mk 60 CAPTOR
  • Mk 62 500lb Quickstrike Mine
  • Mk 64 1000lb Quickstrike Mine
  • Mk 65 2000lb Quickstrike Mine

Aerial TorpedosEdit

  • Mark 46 torpedo
  • Mark 50 Barracuda torpedo
  • Mark 54 “MAKO” Lightweight Torpedo

Cluster BombsEdit

  • CBU-72 Fuel/Air Explosive
  • CBU-87 CEM (Combined Effects Munition)
  • CBU-89 Gator
  • CBU-94 "Blackout Bomb"
  • CBU-97 SFW (Sensor Fused Weapon)
  • WCMD (Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser)
    • CBU-103 (base CBU: CBU-87)
    • CBU-104 (base CBU: CBU-89)
    • CBU-105 (base CBU: CBU-97)
    • CBU-107 Passive Attack Weapon


  • 2.75" Hydra-70

Nuclear BombsEdit

  • B43
  • B57
  • B61


Service Dress UniformEdit


Om 09 Om 10 Om 11

Chief Petty OfficersEdit

Cm 08 Cm 09 Cm 10


Em 08 Em 09

Service UniformEdit


Om 13 Om 12 Om 14 Om 15

Chief Petty OfficersEdit

Cm 12 Cm 11 Cm 13 Cm 14


SU Male sm Em 10 Em 11 Em 12

Working UniformEdit


Om 17 Om 16 Om 18 Om 20

Chief Petty OfficersEdit

Cm 16 Cm 15 Cm 17 Cm 19


Em 13 Em 14 Em 15 Em 16

Other UniformsEdit

USMC UniformEdit

Naval personnel deployed to United States Marine Corps units may wear USMC uniforms with US Navy insignia. These are mainly medical, JAG Corps and Chaplain's Corps personnel. US Navy personnel wearing USMC uniform must meet USMC appearance and grooming standards (more strict than those for the US Navy)

US Navy personnel may not wear USMC blue or white dress uniforms.


Naval Aviators, Naval Flight Officers, and Naval Aircrewmen are authorised to wear olive drab, or tan Nomex flight coveralls. Personnel handling/servicing aircraft on the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier (or amphibious ships designated LHD, LHA, or LPH) wear colour-coded flightdeck jerseys. The following colours are used:

  • Purple - Aviation Fuel Handlers
  • Blue - Plane Handlers, Tractor Drivers, Elevator Operators
  • Yellow - Flight Deck Officers and Plane Directors
  • Green - Operations Personnel, Catapult and Arresting Gear Personnel, Ground Support Equipment Maintenance Personnel, Squadron Maintenance Personnel, Cargo handling personnel, Hook runners, Landing Signalmen Enlisted (LSE)
  • White - Safety Observers, Squadron Trouble Shooters, Landing Signal Officers (LSO), Medics, LOX Handlers, Air Transfer Officers and visitors
  • Red - Ordnance Handlers, EOD Personnel, Crash and Salvage Crews
  • Brown - Plane Captains (Crew Chiefs and Mechanics)

Battle Dress Uniform/Desert Combat UniformEdit

Battle Dress Uniform/Desert Combat Uniform is also worn by Navy SEAL teams, along with SWCC crews (the "Brown Water Navy") who transport SEAL platoons to and from combat operation areas. The Battle Dress Uniform (BDUs) are typically worn by Master at Arms or other security personnel both ashore and afloat, and are authorized for those in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Fleet Diver communities. Combat utilities are also authorized for those attached to Navy Construction (Seabee) battalions, although they, as well as other selected units, currently wear the old-style BDU camouflage. Sailors attached to the Navy's Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) also wear the old-style BDU camouflage uniform. Also, Navy personnel assigned to some joint headquarters units, like Central Command in Qatar and Iraq wear combat utility uniforms.

USS ConstitutionEdit

Personnel assigned to the USS Constitution, the oldest warship in continuous commission, and only one of six original United States sail frigates still in existance, wear US Navy uniforms according to regulations posted in 1815 on public occasions.

Rank InsigniaEdit


Warrant OfficersEdit

Enlisted MenEdit


Naval Jack of the United StatesEdit


United States Naval FlagEdit

Us Env