The TLAP (Tanque Latinoamericano Pesado or Latin American Heavy Tank)is a medium tank designed by Thyssen-Henschel of Germany. It is made in Argentina by Tanque Latinoamericano Mediano Sociedad del Estado. It is based on the TLAM, but is greatly enlarged and uses the Leopard II turret.

The TLAP entered service in 2002.


Unlike the related TLAM, there are few TLAP variants. The variants in service are as follows:

  • VPRT (Vehiculo Pesado Recuperador Tanques) Recovery Vehicle
  • VPLP (Vehiculo Pesado Lanza el Puente) Armoured Vehicle-Launched Bridge




Type Medium tank
Primary Contractor Tanque Latinoamericano Mediano Sociedad del Estado
User Latin American Marines, Latin American Army
Crew 4
Weight 55000kg
Length 8.6m
Height 2.85m (over turret hatch)
Width 3.92m
  • Main - 120mm M256 gun
  • Secondary - 2 FN MAG 7.62mm machine guns
Armour classified
Powerplant MTU 1500hp diesel
Speed 46mph
Range 340mi
Confederate States of Latin America
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