The Republic of China Navy is the maritime branch of the Armed forces of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The ROC Navy's primary mission is to defend ROC territories and the sea lanes that surround Taiwan against a blockade, attack, or possible invasion by forces of the People's Republic of China. Operations include maritime patrols in the Taiwan Strait and surrounding waters, as well as counter-strike and counter-invasion operations during wartime. The Republic of China Marine Corps functions as a branch of the Navy.

The ship prefix for ROCN combatants is ROCS (Republic of China Ship); an older usage is CNS (Chinese Navy Ship).

The Crest of the Republic of China Navy


  • Navy General Headquarters
    • Navy GHQ is subordinate to the General Staff, the Minister of Defense, and the ROC President.
    • Internal unitsof Navy GHQ
      • Personnel
      • Combat Readiness & Training
      • Logistics, Planning
      • Combat Systems
      • General Affairs
      • Comptroller
      • Inspector General
      • Political Warfare.
    • Naval Fleet Command
      • 124th Fleet: Tsoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
      • 131st Fleet: Keelung, Keelung City, Taiwan
      • 146th Fleet: Makung, Penghu
      • Amphibious Fleet (151st Fleet), Tsoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
      • 168th Fleet: Suao, Yilan County, Taiwan
      • 92nd Fleet (Navy Mine Fleet): Tsoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
      • 256th Submarine Squadron
      • Hai Chiao PGMG Guided Missile Gunboat Group
      • Aviation Command
    • Marine Corps Command
    • Education, Training and Doctrine Command
    • Logistics Command
    • Naval Academy
    • Hydrographic & Oceanographic Bureau
    • Shipbuilding Development Center
    • Communication Systems
    • General Service


Surface CombatantsEdit

  • 2 Chiang Kai-Shek class destroyers (King Sejong the Great class)
  • 4 Kee Lung class destroyers (Kidd class)
  • 6 Chao Yang class destroyers (Durand de la Penne class) [1]
  • 8 Cheng Kung class frigates (Oliver Hazard Perry class)
  • 8 Kang Ding class frigates (La Fayette class)
  • 6 Chi Yang class frigates (Knox class)


  • 6 Hai Lung class submarines (Collins class)

Fast Attack Missile CraftEdit

  • 12 Heng Yang class corvettes
  • 12 Ching Chiang class patrol ships
  • 30 Kuang Hua VI class missile boats
  • 48 Hai Ou class missile boats (Dvora class)


  • 4 Yung Yang class minesweepers (Aggressive class)
  • 4 Yung Feng class minesweepers (MMW50 class)


  • 1 Hsuhai class dock landing ship (Anchorage class)
  • 2 Chung Ho class tank landing ships (Newport class)
  • 10 Chung Hai class tank landing ships (LST-1)
  • 4 Mei Chin class medium landing ships (LSM-1)


  • 1 Wu Yi class fleet oiler
  • 1 Ta De (Bolster class) salvage tug
  • 1 Tai Hu (Diver class) salvage tug ex-USS Grapple (ARS-7)
  • 1 Ta Tung (Cherokee class) fleet tug
  • 1 Ta Kuan oceanographic research ship
  • 2 Chung Bai (Patapsco class) coastal logistics tankers
  • 6 Wu Kang class coastal transports
  • 1 Wan An coastal transport
  • 1 Tai Wu coastal transport


  • 4 Grumman S-2T Tracker
  • 12 Lockheed Martin P-3C Orion
  • 30 Sikorsky S-70C(M)-1 Super Blue Hawk
  • 13 500MD ASW Defender


Naval Service FlagEdit

The ROCN Service Flag is the same as the ROC National Flag.

Naval JackEdit

The Naval Jack of the Republic of China.

Rank InsigniaEdit

Flag OfficersEdit

Junior/Senior OfficersEdit

Seaman/Petty OfficersEdit