The Republic of China Marine Corps is the amphibious arm of the Republic of China armed forces, and is a part of the Republic of China Navy responsible for amphibious combat, counter-landing and reinforcement of the main island of Taiwan, remote islands, defense of ROCN facilities, and also functions as a rapid reaction force and a strategic reserve.

Republic of China Marine Corps Crest


  • Marine Corps Command:Marine Corps Command is subordinate to Navy GHQ, the General Staff, the Minister of Defense, and the ROC President.
    • Brigades (formerly divisions)
      • 66th Marine Brigade
      • 77th Marine Brigade
      • 99th Marine Brigade
    • Groups
      • Amphibious Armor Group
      • Amphibious Reconnaissance Group
      • Beach Logistics Group
      • Communications, Information, and Electronic Warfare Group
    • Wuchiu Garrison Command
    • Tri-Service Joint Combat Training Base
    • Corps HQ Battalion


Combat VehiclesEdit

  • M48H (CM-11/12) Main Battle Tank
  • M41D (Type 64) Main Battle Tank
  • LVTP7A1 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Personnels
  • LVTC7A1 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Command
  • LVTR7A1 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Recovery
  • CM-25 AFV (CM-21 with 1 x TOW launcher)
  • LVTP5A1 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Personnel
  • LVTA5A1 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Ambulance
  • LVTH5 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Howitzer
  • LVTR1 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Recovery
  • LVTC5A1 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Command
  • LVTE1 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Engineer


  • M101 105mm howitzer
  • M110 203mm self propelled howitzer

Air DefenceEdit

  • MIM-71 Chaparral
  • FIM-92 Stinger


  • Spike-SR
  • Spike-MR
  • Spike-LR
  • Spike-ER
  • BGM-71 TOW-2A/B
  • LAHAT 105mm (Laser Homing Attack or Laser Homing Anti-Tank)
  • T51 106mm recoilless rifle

Small ArmsEdit

  • T75 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol (Tawianese Beretta 92FS)
  • T51 0.45cal Semi-Automatic Pistol (Tawianese M1911A1)
  • T77 9mm Submachine Gun
  • Uzi 9mm Submachine Gun
  • MP5 9mm Submachine Gun
  • T57 7.62mm Semi-Automatic Rifle
  • T65K2 5.56mm Assault Rifle
  • T86 5.56mm Assault Rifle
  • T91 5.56mm Assault Rifle
  • M733 5.56mm Carbine
  • M4A5 5.56mm Carbine
  • SIG SSG2000 7.62mm Sniper Rifle
  • M24 7.62mm Sniper Weapon System
  • T93 7.62mm Sniper Rifle
  • T57S 7.62mm Sniper Rifle (Taiwanese M21)
  • HK PSG-1 7.62mm Sniper Rifle
  • M82A1 0.50cal Sniper Rifle
  • FN Minimi 5.56mm Light Machine Gun
  • T57 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (Taiwanese M60)
  • T74 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (Taiwanese FN MAG)
  • M2 HB 0.50cal Heavy Machine Gun
  • M79 40mm Grenade Launcher
  • M203 40mm Grenade Launcher
  • MGL Mk-1 40mm Grenade Launcher
  • Mk 19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • M1014 12ga. Semi-Automatic Shotgun
  • Franchi SPAS-12 12ga. Semi-Automatic Shotgun
  • MK-153 SMAW
  • APILAS (112mm Armor-Piercing Infantry Light Arm System)
  • AT-4 84mm Assault Weapon
  • Type 1 66mm Light Anti-Armor Weapon


  • OH-6A Cayuse

Support VehiclesEdit

  • M998 HMMWV Series
  • M151 Jeep Series
    • M-825 Weapons Platform
    • M-151 Fast Attack Vehicle
  • M35 Series 2 1/2 ton 6x6 Truck
  • M939 Series 5 ton 6x6 Truck
  • LARC-V Amphibious Truck
  • Logistics Vehicle System
    • MK48 Front Power Unit
    • MK14 Flatbed
    • MK15 Recovery Vehicle
    • MK16 Fifth-wheel
    • MK17 Material Handling Crane (MHC)
    • MK18/18A1 Self-Loader
  • M3 Amphibious Bridge


  • Royal Marines (especially Hong Kong)
  • Russian Naval Infantry
  • US Marine Corps