The Guardia Nacional de America Latina (Latin American National Guard) is a part-time civilian reserve military force similar to a militia.

The National Guard is organised on regional lines, with the National Guard in each state being commanded by a regular General de Brigada, and each state being divided into Military Districts under the command of a regular Coronel. In some states, there are sub districts under the command of regular Majors, and individual platoon groups are commanded by Guardia Nacional Captains. The structure is flexible, and depends mainly on the military age population of a particular area.

A platoon is composed of between 15 and 35 men. The men are unpaid, save for a small travel allowance in some areas. Uniforms are provided by the Government, personal weapons are usually purchased by the individual member to suit his own tastes. Weapons that fire calibres in current Armed Forces service attract a tax deduction. All heavy weapons are provided by the government.

Membership is open to boys and men between 17 and 65.

Equipment varies depending on location. Some city and town platoon boast man portable surface to air, and anti-tank missiles. Training and tactics are somewhat standardised, but highly dependent on the experience of any former military personnel in the unit. Each Military District has a regular training staff that goes to all units in the district to deliver training.

Small arms tend to be the same as those used in the Army, plus other military style weapons. Automatic rifles and sub-machine guns are widely available to civilians in the ECAL, and are purchased cheaply, including through mail and online order. Most families can afford to purchase an assault rifle for Guardia Nacional duties (costs can range from 50 pesos for a used AK-47 to 900 pesos for a new Steyr AUG). Submachine guns are even cheaper with prices ranging from 25 pesos for a used MAC-10, or M3 Grease Gun, to 950 pesos for a new FN P90)

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