The Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) is a command within the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Special Operations Command was established in May 2003, to unite all of the ADF special forces units. At present, the Army, Navy, and Air Force have special operations units. It will be fully operational when a range of enhancement programs are completed in 2007.

Order of BattleEdit

Though amalgamation of the SASR, and NZ SAS was proposed many times, it was resisted fiercely by Parliamentarians, ex-serviceman's groups, the military itself, and the media. Some amalgamation was accomplished, however, with all prospective members serving the same selection course (it was said that the worst, and most difficult elements of each course were combined!), and able to transfer between one and the other. This has improved the SAS Officer corps since a junior officer only serves 2 three/four year tour with an SAS unit. After this tour, officers used to rotate back to line infantry battalions, now officers may transfer to the other SAS unit.

Tactical Assault GroupsEdit

The Tactical Assault Groups are the premier counter-terrorism units of Australia. The three TAGs, East, West, and Pacific, are structured to conduct offensive domestic counter-terrorist (CT) operations focusing on incident resolution and the recovery of hostages. They maintain a short notice capability to conduct military operations beyond the scope of State and Federal Police tactical teams. These aims are achieved through various highly specialised skill sets, niche capabilities and supporting Australian Defence Force (ADF) units.

The three units: TAG West, TAG East, and TAG Pacific; each protect a different domestic geographical area, with TAG (West) having the primary task of Overseas Recovery/Counter-Terrorism . The units draw their members from other elite units within the Australian Defence Force, with each TAG unit drawing from different parent units.

They form part of a National Counter Terrorist Operations plan which coordinates State, Territory, and Federal Police with the Australian Defence Force

TAG UnitsEdit

    • 4RAR (Cdo)
    • SASR
    • NZ SAS

TAG EAST is based in Sydney, NSW. It covers the following states/territories:

  • NSW
  • QLD
  • TAS
  • VIC

TAG WEST is based in Perth, WA. It covers the following states/territories

  • NT
  • SA
  • WA

TAG PACIFIC is based in Auckland, NZ. It covers the following states/territories

  • NZ
  • PNG